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Bicki’s Bakery

At Bicki’s Bakery, I had a vision that my certified home bakery would provide delicious, high quality, from scratch cupcakes at a fair price so that all consumers could enjoy them. In addition, being someone who is sensitive to gluten, it can be a challenge to find gluten free desserts that are not only tasty but also reasonably priced. Thus, all my cupcakes - whether regular, gluten free, or dairy free - are all equally priced.

I advertise my small business as a home baker who enjoys baking cupcake creations for friends and family. My goal is to always bring joy to those who take a bite of my cupcakes. But I also ensure that my creations bring visual appeal as well, because you eat with your eyes first. My tag line – “Can I have your crumbs?” – well, that’s a long story that goes back to when my brother was just a kid; a line that has stuck with my family over 30 years later.

Bicki’s Bakery


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